P M Santosha hospital's dermatology department has the best dermatologist in Bangalore. We care for both common and rare problems of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. Our board consists of certified physicians who provide care in medical and surgical dermatology. With that we also take intensive heed to provide dermatopathology and micrographic surgery in required cases.

In our practicing duration of more than a decade now, we have seen how people have got more aware about their skin and its upkeep. Aesthetic dermatology has grown as a field and today with the advent of social media where the need is to be tip and at the top of the news feed, cosmetic procedures have gone up like anything. Be it glam-ing up or anti-aging, Laser Hair Reduction or simply skin lightening, these procedures are more in demand as against the usual curative procedures like acne and mole removal. Needless to say that the environmental conditions have harshened over the time and hence the skin, hair and body troubles have also increased but the level of awareness that has come along, it has gone more into improvement over the existing rather than prevention of the “what may”. We at pmsantoshahospital, understand this need and hence maintain a team of most qualified and experienced Dermatologists in Bangalore. The logic is simple, it is the Dermatologists who have to perform the procedures and hence if we have the best dermatologists, only then will pmsantoshahospital be the best skin treatment clinic. More on our skin doctors follows in the later section.